Review: Sarah's Gift - Marta Perry aka "How Sarah was Like Job ? "

Wanting an amish novel that speaks to your heart and shows us that no matter what terrible things occur, God always has a hand in where our future leads us.
Sarah's Gift
Review: Sarah's Gift - Book #4 Pleasant Valley Series - Marta Perry- March 2011
Reading Sarah's Gift by Marta Perry , I was amazed at how wonderfully strong Sarah is and how courageous she appears though she is thrown into a number of situations that could send someone spiralling and away from God. As I read Sarah's Gift, I couldn't help but associate Sarah with a character from the bible -Job . Job was a godly person and Satan decided to test him and sent all this evil and bad luck upon him , things that would have turned others from God, but Job stood steadfast with the Lord and praised and worshipped him. I find that utterly amazing. To me, Sarah followed this same path as for a young woman of twenty-six- the things she had to experience were heartbreaking and tragic and at times scary as the unknown awaited her. I was trying to figure out how to write this review as I could go on about the book for ages , so I decided to play the Job angle and for all those Christians out there, how I saw Sarah like Job.
The first tragedy in Sarah's life was the death of her husband Levi , at only twenty-six Sarah became a widow taking with this the one thing she had wanted most in the world besides her husband and God - Children . Sarah decides that in order to move on , she must start a new life so she moves to live with her Aunty Emma in Pleasant Valley. However as Sarah arrives, she sees all  is not well with Emma and her plans of becoming a midwife in Emma's practice seems now like a dream rather than a reality as Emma is selling the practice due to finances and her state of health. With the help of her life savings, Sarah takes over the midwifery and all goes well until a Dr Mitchell - the new Englischer local doctor receives note of Sarah and from there it escalates into Sarah being put on trial. However, though her misfortunes are plenty, Sarah knows that God has a plan for her as Sarah is called to look after a friend during her birth and ends up saving the woman and her child. It also seems that God has thawed the heart of local Carpenter Aaron Miller , will Sarah be able to find the one thing that she will always yearn for , something that was cut short with Levi ?
Find out all this and more in the amazing tale of Sarah's Gift by author Marta Perry ,and if Sarah's gift is anything to go by then I will be adding Marta Perry to my list of authors to read.


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