Review: Turned (Book #1- Vampire Journals) - Morgan Rice

Wanting a new Teen/YA Vampire Novel to devour ?
Turned (Book #1 in the Vampire Journals)
Review: Turned - Book #1 Vampire Journals - March 2011
Caitlin and her brother have moved again with their Mum , it's just like every other time - New School, New Friends, New House and a new Life . However, things for Caitlin are about to turn a little odd and weird. When Caitlin meets Jonah , it seems that she may have a new friend and things are looking up for her but unfortunately it's only the beginning of trouble as one day when Jonah is walking home , he is attacked by bullies and Caitlin stands up for him - in doing this she discovers that she has the strength to fight them all. Over the next few days, odd events and strange things become occuring in Caitlin as she feels the need to thirst. On a date with Jonah, Caitlin accidently kills Sergei - a singer and from then on, trouble seems to follow Caitlin as she discovers that she was adopted and that she is in fact - a halfbreed which is half-human and half-vampire. When Kyle , the Vampire coven leader for their new town catches wind of her , he believes she is a traitor sent to spy and cause war. Caitlin, confused about what is happening is at a lost until she meets fellow vampire Caleb. Can Caleb without getting himself killed help Caitlin discover who she really is and what will happen between Jonah and Caitlin when he discovers the truth of what she is capable of ? Will Book #2 Cover the romance between Caitlin and Jonah or Caitlin and Caleb, find out more in Turned (book #1 of the Vampire Chronicles) by Morgan Rice.


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