Sunday, July 24, 2011

Review: Wyoming Sweethearts - Jillian Hart

Wanting a Christian Romance Novel ? Something to get you inspired about Love ?
Wyoming Sweethearts (Love Inspired)
Review: Wyoming Sweethearts- Love Inspired Series - Jillian Hart - July 2011
When tragedy strikes , it can sometimes and more often that not seem like the end of the world as it seems that when one bad thing happens another tends to follow like a domino effect, well it does in some instances in real life and more than often it does happen in literature. In Wyoming Sweethearts, we meet Eloise Tipple who had it all and had hit the big time - a champion ice-skater , a boyfriend who was her ice-skating partner - she was in the big leagues until her dream was destroyed by a drunk driver which resulted in Eloise losing her ability to walk properly again without a pink cane. Now living back home Eloise is the manager of the local inn , and she has been demoted to a life of living with her Grandmother and strings of endless blind dates. Out for an Ice-cream one morning , she runs into Sean Granger- her best friend Cheyenne's cousin. He is back in town after an awful break-up when his fiancee broke off their engagement, nursing the wounds he has come back home. Not expecting to fall in love , both Eloise and Sean try to avoid the topic of dating and stick with the whole "just friends" routine , until it seems that maybe God is telling them that they will be perfect together. Has Eloise and Sean both been given a second chance at love when they thought it was impossible and if it is love , where will it lead them  ?
Find out in Wyoming Sweethearts , a christian romance by Jillian Hart.

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