Review: Colors - Charley Harper

Wanting a book to teach your child about Colours ?
Charley Harper Colors
Review: Colors - Charley Harper - June 2011
As a Childrens and Teens Librarian, part of my job is to run a weekly Toddler Time for children aged 0-4yrs , so when I come across childrens books, I like to review them and then I see them for our helpful they could be for the child, whether it is suitable for that particular age group - by looking at the words per page, the pictures , how long the book is ? .
Colors is a book that is suited to teaching children not just a singular color per page e.g red fire engine, blue sky. On each page is a variety of colours which I think is awesome as when a child goes into the world, everything is not just one colour- the child will be presented with multi-colours. In the book per page there is about 5-10 words and then a full colour page of the corresponding picture , to show the child. You can use the book as a teaching tool by asking the child to point out the different colors, asking them whats in the picture etc.
For Teaching Your Child about Colours , Charley Harper's Colors is the way to go and it is in Board Book Format too ,so no ripped pages can happen.


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