Friday, July 15, 2011

Review: Last Breath - Brandilyn and Amberley Collins

Have you read the Christian Mystery author Brandilyn Collins ? Check out her series for teens co-authored with her daughter Amberly - The Rayne Tour.
Last Breath (The Rayne Tour, Book 2)
Review: Last Breath- Book #2 The Rayne Tour - Brandilyn and Amberly Collins - September 2009
I love the cover of the series "The Rayne Tour" , they are so striking with the two colour system - the black and purple - two of my favourite colours. Last Breath takes off where Book #1 _Always Watching ended with two people Bruce and Tom being murdered and the killer Jerry dead. However just before Jerry died, he whispered his last words to Shaley - "your dad sent me".  Is Shaley's dad behind the murders and does he want Shaley and her mother Rayne dead ? When Shaley's mum Rayne ends up being in hospital , it seems that their troubles are about to begin again and this time being laid in a hospital bed doesn't make an easy getaway. When it comes to light that Shaley's dad has been released from prison- their troubles become worse as not only do they have to worry about Cat - the evil paparazzi but now Shaley's father. In Last Breath, we also discover the meeting of Shaley's father and Rayne as well as the last time they saw each other.
What does Shaley's father want after all these years and what is the symbolism of the White Roses we read in Book #1 - Always Watching.
Find out all this and more as we discover who takes the "Last Breath" in Book #2 of The Rayne Tour by Brandilyn and Amberly Collins.

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