Review: The Raising - Laura Kasischke

Wanting a good pyschological read with an equally amazing cover ?
Review: The Raising - Laura Kasischke- March 2011
One thing that I love about working at the library is that you get to see books that come through and treasures that you may have never noticed. I was shelving when I saw the Cover of this book and I thought OMG that looks like an excellent read and I read the blurb and it intrigued me more, so I just had to read the novel.
The Raising is one of the best pyschological mystery thrillers that I have read and takes place in the heart of the American small college environment. The novel starts with the scene of a car crash, where main character Nicole is said to have perished however thats not true and a few people know it , though they must be quietened down as we discover that there is a conspiracy happening with one of the main soriorities Omega Thatu Tau. They have discovered a fun and scary hazing ritual called "The Raising" where the girls are put to sleep with a Zombie drug and laid in a coffin and in three days they awake like Sleeping Beauty or Snow White. Once they have been "reborned" they are welcomed to forever be a Sister in the Soriority. However, one of their reborns went horribly wrong and the soriorty is trying to cover it up. As we read the novel we see it flip back and forth from present and past to eventually the future in the epilogue. The Raising, sees a number of people who know the truth being murdered or silenced but there are a few who refuse to be silenced one including Shelley - the first on the scene of the accident. Will she reveal the truth or will they find and silence her first ?
A fast paced story told in five Parts and once you get into the novel , you definitely won't be able to put it down. This would have to be one of my latest favourite novels.


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