VBT# Embody - Jamie Magee Part 1/2

I Know I'm scheduled the other way round but I thought What I would do before you read my Review of VBT# Embody by Jamie Magee - tomorrow morning , I would give you a sneak peek as my chapter excerpt into Chapter One.

Embody ( A Young Adult Paranormal Romance) (Insight Series)
Chapter Excerpt - Embody - Book #2 Insight Series -Jamie Magee - April 2011
I couldn’t breathe. A sickening sensation slowly began to creep through every part of my body, and the room seemed to be spinning out of control. Impossible - isn’t it? How can this be possible? I thought to myself as I stared at the image of me and Drake in the black and white photo. I ran my fingertips across the singed, tattered edges and trembled as the memory of the first time Drake was alone with me played before my eyes...he said he had seen me love him;  thought he meant in his mind, not in real life. I sighed, remembering his warm, mesmerizing touch, and a chill ran down my spine as the dark images he showed me came to life again. “Willow, you better calm down...Landen will come in here,” Olivia said. I looked to the window; Landen and Chrispin were playing football with little Preston, and Libby was cheering them on from our porch. Landen and I can now use each other’s gifts as our own, and he was sure to feel my panic, my fear. As my eyes landed on him, he froze in midplay and looked in my direction. I walked over to the window, smiled, and pushed my fears away so he would think I was OK. As he fought with his natural instinct to protect me, he hesitated at first, then finally nodded and resumed playing the game. I turned and walked slowly back to the table and looked down at the photo. An eerie sense of déjà vu haunted me as I stared at the images from long ago. I could have never loved him - could I? The past months came rushing through my mind: the day Drake had found me at the lake, our fight in the string, and finally, the moments he held me, shielded by a white glow. Until now, I had let myself relish in victory – but I was a fool...this was not over. I felt Clarissa’s intent to see me, her emotion moving closer to my front door. In a panic – wanting to hide any evidence that connected me to Drake Blakeshire - I grabbed the photo and ran to the stairs. Stunned by my sudden outburst, Olivia chased after me.
“Where are you going?” she asked.


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