Sunday, July 3, 2011

Review: Memoirs of a Gossip Columnist - David Hartnell

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a Gossip Columnist ? Discover with today's Book "Memoirs of a Gossip Columnist".

Review: Memoirs of a Gossip Columnist - David Hartnell & Hazel Phillips - May 2011
Growing up in New Zealand and reading Magazines like New Zealand Women's Weekly, my favourite part happened to be the David Hartnell Columns where people would write into him and ask him all sorts of Hollywood Trivia and he would reply back to them, I loved it and from an early age , I'd have to say he was one of my writing inspirations . Coming from the small country of New Zealand , David Hartnell aka David Segetin proved that being a smalltown guy doesn't mean you can't be a sucess. Despite all the hard-doings in his life from as we read his memoirs which include being bullied at school, growing up gay in the 1950/1960's New Zealand to going out and discovering the world of Hollywood and rubbing shoulders with the celebrities . Reading his Memoirs we discover that David lead a very interesting life and has had a number of interesting jobs and hobbies from being a member of the New Zealand Magician's Society to becoming a Rollerskating Champion. In his Memoirs we discover not only the fun times of his career with the meeting of celebrities, getting his own star on the Auckland Hollywood walk of Fame , we read as he meets the king of Horror films Alfred Hitchcok and actresses Lauren Bacall and Bette Davis. However , with the price of fame as we have seen and read numerous times comes a dark side which David has also explored in his memoirs - the side where he had to have two name changes, the opening of family secrets , being sued for defamation of character etc.
Memoirs of a Gossip Columnist has it all from personal ancedotes to amazing photos of David and his celebrity encounters.
If you have ever wanted to become a Gossip Columnist or like me have looked up to the ever-so prominent David Hartnell , this is the Biography or as the fancy and formal pronounce  Memoirs of David Hartnell: Gossip Columnist and New Zealand's Own.

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