Sunday, July 10, 2011

Review: Toys - James Patterson and Neil McMahon

Are you a fan of James Patterson's various novels ? Wanting a burst of Dystopia ?
Check out his latest release writing with Neil McMahon "Toys".
Review: Toys - James Patterson and Neil McMahon - March 2011
 Are you a fan of James Patterson's novels ? Love the different variety of genres that he dabbles in ? Are you up with the genre that is trending and sweeping the nation at the moment, the genre that made 1984 and The Handmaid's Tale famous and is now the genre home to new Teen Novels XVI by Julia Karr , The Unidentified by Rae Mariz and Delirium by Lauren Oliver - the genre titled Dystopia. It is the age of a new world, the year is 2061 as we witness James Patterson dabbling hs hand at a dystopian/ sci-fi novel filled with action and adventure . There are two types of people , they are the Humans - these are the scum of the earth and the Elites - almost robotic, these are the perfect race, they are rich,wealthy and have all the big boy toys they want. Their lives are a perfect utopian nature. Main Characters Hays and Lisette Baker , are part of the Elites crowd and their jobs are as Agency Agents who hunt and kill the Human scum or what remains of them. When an attack goes wrong and Hays ends up in hosiptal , what is revealed means that his life as he knows it is over as it is discovered that he is in fact an Human modified to become an Elite rather than an actual Elite. Now the people who he considered his friends, family and acquaintances want him dead, so begins the tale of Toys which focuses on Hays discovering of his true origins , why he was turned into an Elite and the discovery of emotions that he feels for the Human race. Now with the release of a weapon which would wipe out the entire Human race, Hays and is newfound crew of friends are up against the Elites to save the world not to Change and wipe the world of their existence. When it comes to the crunch time , will Hays be able to make the right decision or will his life as an Elite be holding him back?
Find out in this new novel "Toys" by James Patterson and Neil McMahon as they combine Dystopia with the action, mystery and suspense that James Patterson is known for.

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