Review: {W}hole - Lisa Whittle

Wanting a Christian Non-Fiction to get you having an honest look at your life?
Whole: An Honest Look at the Holes in Your Life - and How to Let God Fill Them
Review: {W}hole - Lisa Whittle - October 2011
Have you ever looked at your life in a time of reflection and thought Oh Lordy, my life is filled with holes and gaps of when I should have been praising the lord and following him , I went off path and lost my way ? Lisa Whittle has written a book called {W}hole : An Honest Look at the Holes in your life and How to let God Fill them . Her book is ideal for anybody who feels that they have suffered in a way and needs God to fix them in order to make them whole again in his name.  Do not fear though , as we all have plenty of holes in different areas of our lives that need filling and with Lisa's book and God's help we can make ourselves as the band Atomic Kitten sung " You can make me whole again" - in our case the you being God not some hunky guy though who says that God can't be a hunky guy. The book {W}hole also follows ancedotes from author Lisa Whittle's life as she went through some tough times and at times she discovered herself falling away from God and those holes enlarging day by day. The book is split into different chapters and as you will see ,each chapter contains the word Hole. The first chapter is called The Hole Story, and features a bit about how Lisa got to where she is today and how the book came about . the second chapter is called The Hole of Religion , which is something that we as Christians all experience at one point or another in our life - we have or feel a pull from God and may experience a bit of backslide , the next chapter plays as a solution to chapter two and is titled Religion made me Whole again - that having Religion and the relationship with God , we can feel complete . The fourth chapter is titled The Hole of Roles , the way we can feel that when or what we are meant to be can pull us down and cracks or in this case holes start showing and like prior chapter 5 is called Roles made Whole which is a way to counteract the feeling of our roles making us incomplete and lastly chapters 6 and 7 talk about how our experiences can make us feel Holey, they can make us feel negative - end up feeling jaded due to bad experiences but when we put our trust in the lord to fix us and let God do the fixing our experiences can become jofyul and the mistakes that we felt before can help us to learn for next time and can be positively viewed as stepping stones on the journey for God.
So readers ,if you are feeling Holey , Broken filled with empty gaps - Read {W}hole to discover how God can fill you with peace, joy and no more emptiness only love. Being a fan of bright colours, I also loved the white and Lime Green of the Cover.


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