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The Golden Spiral (Book 2 in the Hourglass Door Trilogy)
Review: The Golden Spiral - Book #2 The Hourglass Trilogy- Lisa Mangum-May 2011
At the end of Book #1 in The Hourglass Door , we said Goodbye to the relationship between Abby and Dante as he was sucked in through the portal and into the time-travelling machine , we discovered Leo was actually Dante's older brother whom had disappeared years ago and whom Dante had thought was dead, we read as bad guys Zo, Tony and V had also come through the Door and planned to destroy those on earth and Zo had ended up with his sights on Abby's best friend Val. Now in Book #2 The Golden Spiral , we discover that Dante and Tony are trapped in the time machine and that somehow Zo and V have managed to escape , however Tony it seems is dying - Can Dante with the mental power of Abby keep him alive before he's lost forever ?
Abby's friend Valerie is now in a mental hospital after losing her mind on the riverbank after Zo drained her energy, now locked away in the mental hospital -it seems that Val is still not safe with Zo sending her messages. Can Abby stop Zo from harming Val and the others?
It seems that with Dante gone , he has left Abby with one important thing - the blueprints to the time machine , can Abby recreate the time machine so that she can save Dante and get her true love back or will he be lost down the inifinte never-ending Golden Spiral sitting in complete darkness, with the help of her friends Abby has 8 weeks to build it, this however would be have been so much easier, but after visiting Dante in her dreams-her world has flashed past and it seems that she has discovered herself living in an alternate reality , where she is still dating Jason?
Can Abby sort everything out and return it to it's natural and rightful place or will it be too late to save the one she loves.
Find out in Book #2 The Golden Spiral and stay tuned readers for the final installment in the Trilogy - Book #3 The Forgotten Locket by Lisa Mangum.


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