Review: The Glory of Green - Judy Christie

Wanting a Christian Chick Lit Novel to read ? Have you read The Green Series by Judy Pace Christie ?

The Glory of Green - The Green Series #3
Review: The Glory of Green - Book #3 The Green Series - Judy Pace Christie - March 2011
It seems that Lois may just be getting her happy ending , as Book #2 left off with Lois's friends catching the wedding bug and Lois still on the lookout for Mr Right. It seems that newcomer Chris Craig has caught the lovebug for Lois as they enter into a three month whirlwind engagement. As the date nears though, Lois is getting cold feet -not about the marriage but the division of her assets - what to keep , where to live ? Is Lois ready to take the plunge into married life ?
It seems so, as Lois and Chris make their way to the altar but just as they are saying their I Do's -tragedy once again strikes the town of Green in the form of a nasty storm.
With the aftermath of the storm, it's discovered that Lois has lost everything she owned as while she was saying I Do in the chapel , the storm ripped away her house.
Lois using the coping mechanism she knows best, heads to the local newspaper office and starts preparing for a special edition. It seems though, that even after all that has happened Lois can't escape from her past as old friends and enemies come back into her life. One of them in the form of offering Lois , a big newspaper job. Is it time to move on and away from Green after all the trouble or will Lois realise that Green is now where her heart is and that you can't no matter what beat "The Glory of Green".
Find out all this and more , and be prepared to break out a box of tissues as The Glory of Green holds some weeping moments.


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