Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review: A Perfect Day - Richard Paul Evans

Have you ever had something amazing happen only to have it ruin your life?

A Perfect Day
Review: A Perfect Day - Richard Paul Evans - Oct 2004
Have you ever achieved something that you wanted so badly and then once you got it, it only ended up ruining your life instead of making it happier ? For Robert Harlan, he always dreamed of becoming a writer and eventually four years later when he lost his job, he finally finished his book A Perfect Day , a book based on the last few months his wife Allyson and her father Carson had together before he passed away with Cancer. Robert sends out the book to twenty-five publishing agents and one finally comes out on top amid a pile of rejection letters . His manuscript , his dream is about to happen and sooner than later , Robert is swirled and wrapped up in a world of book signings, radio/tv appearances and book tours. Even talk about his book becoming a movie. However as his dream becomes more and more of a reality, it seems his family life is becoming more distant and a thing of the past. When Robert meets a stranger on his tour who tells Robert he only has 40 days to live, Robert thinks he's a nutjob but when this stranger known as Michael starts revealing things about Robert's past that only he knows - we start to wonder if Michael is an Angel from God ? With only 40 days to live, we see Robert start to go back to what is most important to him and put his life into perspective .
A Perfect Day is an heartfelt and inspiring novel that teaches us that when you only have a short time left on earth, the most important things in life are your family.
This book in real life was actually made into a Film , so head to your DVD shop after the Library and pick up A Perfect Day featuring Michele and Julia Adams , Michael Arata and Barbara Ballentine.
As usual , if you are looking for an Inspirational Tale head to Richard Paul Evan's Collection of Stories.

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