Review: Goddess of Spring - PC Cast

Doesn't the apple romance symbol make you smile Or is it just me ? I can't help but smile and have a chuckle as it's the all-time symbol of Twilight and with the heart cut into the apple it's just so darn awesome :)
Today's book is from the other half of the hit series House of Night , author PC Cast with her own series written for Young Women - The Goddess Summoning Series. This series tends to be a cross of Chick Lit with the Supernatural/ Time Travelling is involved .

Goddess of Spring (Goddess Summoning, Book 2)
Review: Goddess of Spring - Book #2 Goddess Summoning Series- PC Cast- November 2008.
Are you a fan of the Supernatural but also have a yearning for some light and fluffy Chick Lit fixes? PC Cast's series "The Goddess Summoning" is right for you as our story starts in a smalltown of modern day Tulsa, Oklahoma where we meet Carolina aka Lina. She is the owner of a bakery called Pani Del Goddess's - a little bit of Italian delicacies in the heart of smalltown America. When she is confronted with the news , that her bakery is in dire straits due to an accountancy mistake as she discovers she owes a whole lot of dough and I don't mean the stuff that bread comes from to the IRS which is like our version of IRD. At the same time , in another world entirely, the world of Olympus -home of greek Goddess Demeter - Goddess of Harvest -she has encountered a problem ,her daughter Persephone -Goddess of Spring needs to go down into the Underworld and add light to it. However Demeter's daughter is still young and frivilous and immature so Demeter being a mother and knowing best decides to strike up a deal by Summoning Lina to Olympus. If she switches bodies with Persephone and act as Persephone in the land of the Underworld, she will pay what she owes to the IRS within six months. It's a deal that Lina can see as her only way out. So the switch begins and Lina travels as Persephone into the Underworld but once she arrives, she discovers all her premises about Hell has been inaccurately described as it's an amazing place and Hades as we discover becomes Lina's version of Batman. As time flies by, we see Hades and Lina hitting it off and the Underworld becoming a warmer place but when it's time for Lina to return and Persephone to come back , will life be the same as they both discover that they loved what they had when there bodies were switched , not exactly the bodies but the lives and emotions.
Discover what happens as Persephone and Lina return to their normal lives , will they be able to carry on as if nothing ever occured or will some more meddling be needed by Demeter to make the tale a happily ever after for now.
With Supernatural , Greek Gods and Goddesses, Romance, Fantasy , Time Travelling - Goddess of Spring has it all and if you love Cooking and Animals then you definitely will feel right at home with Goddess of Spring by PC Cast.
Find out in Goddess of Spring and women , this is the perfect book for you as we all need a little "goddess" every now and again .


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