VBT# Unleashed - Emily Kimelman Gilvey

Today's VBT# is part of the Nurture Your Books ( http://www.nurtureyourbooks.com/ ) and we are celebrating author Emily Kimelman Gilvey  and her book "Unleashed".

I am a man, and therefore have all devils in my heart.

–Father Brown

Unleashed (A Sydney Rye Novel)
Review: Unleashed - Emily Kimelman Gilvey- 2011
Have you ever had eveything going for you and then in a flash - just like that lost everything? In a situation like this ,there are two options A) you can cry , have a self-pity party and get depressed or B) you can re-invent yourself into somebody new and exciting. For Joy H, the worst day of her life ended up changing her whole outlook. One day Joy had a boyfriend named Marcus ,a job working in a Coffee Shop for her boss Brad. All in the same day , she was dumped by her boyfriend and fired by her boss. So Joy, went out and did the most outrageous thing - she bought the biggest dog she could find from the local pound and named him Blue. Joy's life starts to take a turn as her neighbour Nona puts Joy onto a job walking dogs and so begins a new step in Joy's life. It just starts off as a menial job but one morning Joy stubles across a dead body and the identity of the man is revealed as one of her dog-walking clients. Soon we read as Joy is tangled up with the mystery of solving the death of her client and with the help of a detective gone rogue - Joy decides it's time to completely re-invent herself as Dog walking Viligiante "Sydney Rye".
Can Joy or should I now call her Sydney Rye solve the crime and find out who is in the business of killing off her dog-owning client or will she find herself in a pile of doggie-doo way over her head ?
Find out in Unleashed by Emily Kimelman Gilvey, a novel of unleashing our inner selves when the going gets tough and the tough gets going.


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