Thursday, July 14, 2011

VBT# Nether - Jason Beymer Part 2/2

Who enjoyed the book review of the VBT# Nether by Jason Beymer, up now for Part 2/2 is a Guest Post from the Desk of the Author:

Author Guest Post:

                                                           A Look Into the Afterlife
All religions come with an individual exit path. Some souls fly straight up, others down. Some linger, some mix with the soil and create dandelions. Others stay in the body forever. Wouldn't that be horrible? Trapped underground inside an airtight box, wearing your Sunday suit for all eternity...nothing but the sounds of hungry worms and gas-powered lawnmowers above to keep you company. No wonder ghosts get so upset when we build housing developments on top of them.
As a writer, I love exploring the afterlife. I play. It changes from book to book, from short story to novella. In Nether that afterlife is ghastly, and exists somewhere between the heavenly upper floor and the brimstone basement. The Nether is a purgatory, filled with demons and ickies. May your soul never fly there.
I hope you'll give it a read! Here's the blurb:

One suburban night. One stubborn corpse. One golden opportunity.
Burklin had it all: a spacious two-story house, a shapeshifting wife, a wide open future. That is, until his father ripped out his soul and trapped it inside an opinionated dachshund. Now he's lost everything, leaving him a slave on mop-up duty for a homicidal teenage demon. His father is sleeping with his ex, the possessed dachshund won't stop talking, and the cleanup jobs keep getting messier. Burklin would give anything to have his life back--even if it means turning against his manipulative father and destroying their chance of winning the Nether's Demon Lord Sweepstakes. Opportunity knocks with a dead woman's hand. When the demon's latest victim won't stay dead, the rules of life and death change. Freedom lies within Burklin's reach, but to get it he'll have to defy his father, the ex-wife he still loves, and the Nether itself.
Just how far is he willing to go?

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