Monday, July 4, 2011

Review: Finding Becky- Martha Rogers

Wanting a historical christian novel to read , one set at the turn of the century?

Finding Becky: Winds Across the Prairie, Book Three
Review: Finding Becky -Winds Across The Prairie Book #3- Martha Rogers -October 2010
Becky Haynes is finally returning home after spending four years at Wellesey College studying Journalism , she has been offered a job at the local newspaper . For Becky now going by Rebecca as it sounds more professional, being away from her family has made her gain a stronger outlook on the world and the independence factor that she left Barton Creek with has returned stronger and ready to take on the world. On her train trip home , Becky meets Geoff Kensington - he is looking to buy cattle from those in Barton Creek and Becky's father happens to be the top gun when it comes to cattle. So Geoff eager to get his own way, decides to play on Becky's affections for him - but what will happen when it gets out of control and Becky discovers the real reason he is in Barton Creek, Meanwhile , Rob Frankston now a lawyer has forever loved Becky but over the last few years they have become distant and when Becky returns with Geoff things are not as he hoped. Now Rob, must step up onto the plate and take things to the next level -to prove to Becky that he is the one for her. Who will Becky Choose will she go with the strange and mysterious Geoff Kensington or the best friend Rob whom she once crushed on and loved - who is her true love ?
We also read as Becky's new take on life starts to push her further away from her friends, family and soon even God. Can Becky find her way back or has she lost everything and everyone she ever cared for in the name of her career as a journalist and her newfound love of freedom and independence ?
Find out in Book #3 Finding Becky and stay tuned for Book #4 -Caroline's Choice and read if she can finally get the one guy she loves Becky's older brother Matt to court her or will she end up choosing the life of a spinster ?

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