Saturday, July 9, 2011

Review: Haunted - Barbara Haworth-Attard

Wanting an awesome historical teen supernatural tale ?
Review: Haunted- Barbara Haworth-Attard- August 2009
I've never really been one for historical novels unless they are Christian fiction as their writing styles annoy me , but Haunted as you first start reading it you can imagine it being set in modern day times but it isn't until you get fully into the novel that you realise it is actually set in the year 1915 as it talks about the soldiers going off to World War One etc. The main character Defiance or Dee for short lives with her Grandmother who is a midwife and healer, Dee and her Grandmother have a gift - Her Grandmother can sense when people are due to give birth or when they have something wrong she can diagnose aliments and Dee can see and feel the dead as well as sense and see when Evil lurks. One day, a discovery of bones are found in the woods up in the Mountains and the bones belong to Mary-Anne Stimpson - Dee's best friend from 4yrs ago. How did she die and who killed her ? When a carving made by Podge - a simple townboy is found , he is put on trial but when another Dee's new best friend Clooey is found dead , have the town found the right man or is their still a killer on loose ? It is up to Dee with the help of a new friend Clarence to discover who the killer is before her friend Podge is hung at the gallows. What happens though when the Killer is discovered to be closer to Dee than she thought , will she be next or will she turn him in when she discovers the truth ?
Find out in this amazing historical supernatural teen/ YA novel "Haunted".

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