Monday, July 11, 2011

Review: The Summer of Cotton Candy - Debbie Viguie

Wanting a fun and sweet Christian Teen Fiction ? Have you been enjoying the Sweet Seasons Series by Debbie Viguie?

The Summer of Cotton Candy (Sweet Seasons Novel, A)
Review: The Summer of Cotton Candy- Book #1 Sweet Seasons Series- Debbie Viguie - April 2008
It must just be me , but for some reason I have a knack for reading Series out of order and back to front as for the Sweet Seasons Series, I read Book #4 first , then Book #2 and now Book #1 and Im still holding out for Book #3. Though for some strange reason, libraries tend to purchase series in odd ways. In the first book, The Summer of Cotton Candy- we meet Candace Thompson who has been forced to get a summer job at The Zone , however because she has left it too late the only jobs available are as a Janitor cleaning toilets or a Cotton candy operator. Thus the beginning of Candace's time as a Snack Operator. However as we have witnessed in the other books, trouble seems to follow Candy as we see her failed a drug test though she doesnt take drugs , nearly sue somebody for Sexual Harrasment , have a case of Identity Fraud and has a series of creepy customers, not too mention that this is the book she first meets Kurt , who as we know becomes her boyfriend - though Kurt has an evil ex Lisa , whose decided it's her job to make Candy's life a living nightmare. We also discover the storyline behind the making of the Maze in Book #2 The Fall of Candy Corn.
A fun, light-hearted and sweet series and for those parents who are worried about the worldly view. Debbie Vigiue has written this as the perfect read for Christian Teen Girls, so you don't have to worry.

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