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Review: Releasing Gillian's Wolves - Tara Woolpy

Have you read the Book "The Starter Wife" by Gigi Levangie Grazer ? Or seen the TV Series based on the book or the TV Series "The Good Wife" ?
Releasing Gillian's Wolves
Review: Releasing Gillian's Wolves - Tara Woolpy- August 2011
Have you watched the hit TV Series "The Good Wife" ? The one where the politician had a number of affairs whilst the wife stood by and then one day she had to make the decision of what to do or in The Starter Wife, where the main character thought her and her husband were different than all the other Hollywood stars and then it seems that she is dumped and replaved for a younger model ?
I found that while reading Tara Woolpy's new book "Releasing Gillian's Wolves" , my mind flicked back to the TV Series and Book and surprisingly enough, the topic touched in her book is one unfortunately that is more common than not as we saw Bill Clinton having an affair with Monica Lewinsky and Arnie now having stepped down from his role as Governer , that he had an affair years ago. What is it about these power roles, that cause men to wander and cheat?
In Releasing Gillian's Wolves we meet Gillian Sach, she has played for the last thirty years , the role of the dutiful and Good wife. She has done all the homemaker duties and stood by her husband when he decided to go into Politics and become a US Congressman . However , over those years her husband has had countless affairs . The novel focuses on the turning of Fifty - which in reality, tends to be the age where women tend to put their lives in focus . Gillian has had enough and her friends are urging her to leave the marriage as she becomes more miserable. Her fears though are stuck in the fact that most of her inheritance has gone into Jack's career and what the media will do when they gather the information. The decision is held till we meet Jack Sachs's latest girl Ashley who is only twenty compared to Jack's fifty, which to me was a tad gross - talk about huge age differences. Will Gillian realise that she is better off without Jack and finally discover the happiness she has been seeking for or will she stay in fear with a loveless marriage ?
Find out in Releasing Gillian's Wolves that sometimes happiness is worth more than fear and that no matter what comes out of a decision , you have two choices always to be Happy or Miserable ?
This is the perfect novel I think for Women who are in their 30's+ and especially for those women who are at crossroads in their lives. This novel touched me on a personal level as my parents split ways after 25yrs after a similiar but not exact situation. Women, I believe that we should hold Gillian as one of our Literary role models as no matter what fears attack her, she overcomes.

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  1. i love that she's a role model for women :)

    love the pic of the bear and the caterpillar reading!! :))


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