Review: In the Shadow of Evil - Robin Caroll

Are you a fan of Brandilyn Collins's  or Erin Healey's Novels ? Wanting a bit of mystery with your christian fiction?

In the Shadow of Evil
Review: In the Shadow of Evil - Robin Caroll- March 2011
Are you a fan of the edgy Christian Fiction, love a bit of murder and mystery chucked into your Christian mix ? In the Shadow of Evil has just that and in a way for me personally it touched a bit closer to home than other christian murder mysteries , though not of the case of the Murder but one of the charities involved in the novel. The novel starts Eighteen Years ago , where we discovered Maddox's mother stabbed and murdered. The novel the fast-forwards to the present. Maddox is now a lead Detective up for a promotion to Commander and his mother's murder still goes unsolved, though in the last chapter we find out who killed his mother and trust me -it was a surprise. The main storyline of the novel though focuses on sisters Layla and Alana Taylor - Layla owns a construction company and her sister Alana owns a rehabilitation centre called Second Chances and together they combine their jobs for a charity called Homes for Hope . Homes for Hope is like Habitat for Humanity and they build houses for those families who otherwise would not be able to afford one and then it can become a rent to buy. This part touched me as we live in what used to be a Habitat for Humanity House and with the option of purchasing after 5yrs , my parents purchased our house. When their latest house goes up in flames and a body is discovered burnt and murdered , it seems that the top of the suspect list is Layla and Alana. Detective Maddox Bishop is on the case and he feels that the sisters are hiding something. Can he discover and get to the bottom of what is going on before more people start to die and when people from Layla and Alana's church start to get mysteriously sick - this tightens Maddox's suspicions . Are the sisters involved in something dark and dangerous or is somebody trying their hardest to set the girls up?
Find out in "In the Shadow of Evil" - An Edgy CF by Robin Caroll.


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