Wildefire - Karsten Knight

Wanting a new teen book to read, one that includes supernatural gifts and a hint of reincarnation?
Review: Wildefire - Karsten Knight- July 2011
Being an avid reader and loving to discover all the new books that come out , one of my favourite things is to discover new sites to get ARCS and today's book is my first from the Simon and Schuster Galley Grab, ( http://www.galleygrab.com/ ) where each month they send you a newsletter of books that you can request . 
Wildefire is a new teen novel , that starts off in a modern school where the main character Ashline decides to beat up a girl named Lizzie who Ashline has just discovered has been hooking up with Ash's boyfriend Richie. Soon Ash's sister Eve who has been missing turns up and with her a whole lot of secrets to share about her's and Ash's background as they were both adopted. When Ash gets into more trouble it's the last straw and she is sent off to boarding school, but whilst there she discovers that there are others like her and her sister Eve- all with different abilities. When they meet Serena - a blind girl who holds the prophecies, it seems that the world is in danger and the ones they care about in trouble. Can the six of them work together and it seems that we also discover that the characters over the years have been reincarnated and theres a family with a long standing vengenance against Eve as they believe she has to pay for a crime she committed a long time ago. Can Ash save her sister or will Eve be murdered all over again?
Find out in this new series "Wildefire" and by the way the book ended it looks like there very well maybe a sequel in the woodfire, so I look forward to reading more of Karsten Knight.


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