Saturday, July 23, 2011

Review: Lucy's Kiss - Rachel Herron

Are you a fan of Chick Lit romances and love the sport and art of Knitting ?

Review: Lucy's Kiss ( Aus/NZ Title) or How To Knit a Heart Back Home (USA Title)- May 2011
Looking at the cover of this book , you could almost swear that it has that Outback Australian look to it or then again, it could be just me LOL. Though the girl on the cover does give a bit of a Jessica Biel look-a-like or is that just me as well. :)
Lucy's Kiss is one of those ideal reads for the women that love romance, bookshops , small towns and the art of Knitting. Lucy's Kiss is set in the heart of a small town called Cypress Hollow and follows the main character Lucy Harrison who owns a cute kitschy book shop called "The Book Spire". One night , Lucy is drinking at her brother Jonas' s bar when a car comes crashing through the wall , in the car is Lucy's friend Abigail. Rushing to the rescue , is an old crush of Lucy's Owen Bancroft. Seventeen years ago, Owen kissed Lucy and took off breaking her heart and fantasy life along with it. Now back in Cypress Hollow , we see the flames between Lucy and Owen are still alive and kicking and even more -both of them can vividly remember the kiss they shared together those many years ago.
When a pile of books and knitting patterns are bought over from the Bancroft Estate, Lucy starts to look over them and with surprise she discovers that they belonged to the infamous Eliza Carpenter - a lady that made knitting and the town of Cypress Hollow famous. Forced to work with Owen , Lucy can't help but still feel those pangs of butterflies for Owen but does he feel the same way ?
Find out whether it is a Second chance at Happiness for Owen and Lucy or will Owen prove the saying that you can't change a tiger's stripes and break Lucy's heart all over again?
Find out in "Lucy's Kiss" or as the Americans call it "How to Knit a Heart Back Home" by Rachel Herron.

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