Review: Only Angels Can Wing It -Frances S. Ponick

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Review: Only Angels Can Wing It - Frances. S. Ponick- 2011
Unfortunately due to my scanner being broken and the fact that I scoured the web and couldn't find a photo of the cover, this is the first time Ive had to write a review of a book with no cover so to explain the cover , it is a bluey-grey with two white angels facing each other and in the middle of the angels is a burst of glowing light.
Funerals can be a hard time for all, especially those involved with the preparation of it , with the loss of family members on some people can be quite a daunting experience . Those who are overwhelmed with grief and emotions. Author Frances S. Ponick has written a book called "Only Angels Can Wing it" . It is a guide to writing Eulogies , quickly and presenting them in a way that is compassionate and comforting as it can be quite a nervewracking experience writing and presenting an Eulogy as it's basically that person's life in a short speech and on a bit of paper.
The Book aims to teach writers: 1) How to Personalise the Eulogy without laboring with too many words , 2)How to communicate your thoughts and emotions clearly and honestly, 3)How to avoid platitudes, boring and endless oratory and inappropiate remarks and 4)How to write a eulogy that is emotionally, intellectually and spiritually satisfying.
This is one book that I think everyone who has to deal with grief and a funeral should read as though its such a sad and daunting affair, Only Angels Can Wing it is a lovely book that helps those in grief focus on the positive outcomes.


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