Review : Two-Fisted Tweets - James Hutchings

Review: Two-Fisted Tweets - James Hutchings - February 2011
Are you a fan of the social networking site Twitter ? The one where you can write a statement but have to have it in 140 Characters or less. It's amazing how these Social Networking Sites are taking the world by storm , as at the beginning of the year I read a Penguin Novel called Twitterature which was a collection of Classics written in Twitter Talk and then I was sent this book Two-Fisted Tweets to read and review. His Book is very short at seven pages long , it is written in entirely 140 characters sentences and the humor in the book Two-Fisted Tweets was amazing and if quick with is something that you love and enjoy, James's book Two-Fisted Tweets will have you laughing. A few of them I guess from a girls POV were a tad too male like but among them were some clever ones that I loved to bits and couldn't help sharing a couple of my favourite. One of them , if you are a Twilight Saga fan -then like me , you will love this one:
“Mum, Dad,” said the nervous young vampire, “there’s something I have to tell you. I’m…sparkly.”

"You'll never get anywhere son, unless you try and fit in said Papa Lemming"

"Her Father was like chocolate cake , you can't have a conversation with chocolate cake"

For anybody who just wants to have a good chuckle and laugh , Two-Fisted Tweets is one that you must add to your TBR Pile.


  1. You did say 7 pages eyes aren't broken?

  2. @Lucy - Your eyes aren't broken , it is only 7 pages :) A quick fast read.

  3. Thanks for reviewing my ebook. I've linked to your review from my blog (


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