Review: All the Pleasure the Sky has to Offer - Dagmar Avery - ( R18 Read)

Wanting an erotic read , one including Hunky Greek Gods ?
Review: All the Pleasure the Sky Has to Offer - Book #3 Fated Mates Trilogy- Dagmar Avery- February 2011
Are you in the mood for a little bit of sexual excitement , a bit of m/f/m play ? Does Hunky Greek Gods sound like your ideal guy ? If so, then All the Pleasure The Sky has to Offer will be your cup of tea as our novel begins with two SkyGods Coleus and Tinia. The Oracle has promised them , that one of them by the end of the night will have the gorgeous Pander as their mate. So of course, both up for a challenge, they have one night to make Pander want them over the other but as the night wears on and we see the sexual chemistry develop between the three of them, it seems that Pander is at a loss as she doesn't want either one but in fact both of them. Though reading the novel, you can see which one she is more suited too sexually. So will Pander choose Coleus or Tinia as her mate or has the Oracle - the wise and all-knowing Oracle have a plan up their sleeves.
Find out in this quick erotic read by author Dagmar Avery.


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