Review: Sugar and Spice - Lauren Conrad

Are you a fan of the TV Show "The Hills" featuring star Lauren Conrad ? If so, then  you would have read her LA Candy Series ? Today I review the third book in the LA Candy Novels "Sugar and Spice".
Sugar and Spice: An L.A. Candy Novel
Review: Sugar and Spice - Book #3 LA Candy Series - Lauren Conrad- April 2011
It's time for Season Two  of the hit reality show LA Candy with it's 4 stars Jane , Scarlett, Gaby and Madison, however as we read we are about to discover it's not all fun and games behind the scenes of reality TV. Jane still reeling from the backstabbing of Madison, is refusing to star in any scenes with her but then when ratings respond high to Madison and Jane being in the same room , it's time to put the cat claws away and play nice for the camera. As usual we have Jane battling over three guys and which to date - hollywood bad boy - Jesse , Hollywood Hunk -Braeden and the boy from her hometown- Caleb, which will Jane choose or is it wiser for her to fly solo this season ?
Scarlett has a decision to make, moving to LA had only one reason to be with Jane but she's finding her schooling at UCLA a bit below her, so she has applied to all these Ivy League colleges. Will she be accepted and what will happen with her boyfriend Liam when her high-school crush Naveen arrives on the LA Scene ? Madison's in for a nasty sursprise as her past creeps in to haunt her in the form of her little sister Sophilyn , can Madison keep Sophie quiet before she spills the beans and those find out the truth of who Madison really is ?
Gaby, now has an agent Annabelle but as we see Gaby's personality and style change , Is it worth it ?
Find out all this and more in "Sugar and Spice" and all things not so nice by Lauren Conrad.


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