Review: Clean - Amy Reed

Review: Clean - Amy Reed - July 2011
Isn't it amazing how sometimes you read novels and what they discuss is actually relevant in a way to an event that has happened in your life or on that specific day. For me , reading Clean it gave me a reflection on the fact that we are losing so many young people to drugs, alcohol, self-esteem issues etc. Just look at the paper this morning and it read that Amy Winehouse aged 27 died from a drug overdose ,though due to her past that doesn't really surprise people but just to think if only there was somebody there to care strongly enough to tell her enough was enough. It's such a waste to see people die at a young age. In Clean, it takes us into the life of 5 teenagers who over one summer are sent to rehab. Each of the five teens are addicted to a drug or alcohol that has reached the point in their lives that it's the only thing keeping them going. The novel Clean almost reads like a transcript as it follows the group of five teens through their summer in Rehab , it shares their experiences and their ups and downs.
For teens who love reading novels about Drugs, Alcohol- the edgy content and are fans of authors like Ellen Hopkins and Melody Carlson , then Clean by Amy Reed is the book for you.


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