Review: The Fall of Candy Corn - Debbie Vigiue

Are you wanting a fun and sweet Christian teen read ?
The Fall of Candy Corn (Sweet Seasons Novel, A)
Review: The Fall of Candy Corn - Sweet Seasons Novel Book #2 - Debbie Vigiue - October 2008
Wanting a teen novel that is fun and sweet at the same time and I mean not just sweet in the sugary way of candy and amusement parks ? As like most Christian teenage fiction, they tend to be very light and fluffy novels with no sex etc , not like some of the worldly teen fiction but in saying that , they do touch base on relationships, silly boys and the occasional violent episode as we discover in the Fall of Candy Corn. We are reunited with Candace from The Spring of Cotton Candy where she is preparing for the Halloween shift at work - at "The Zone" - Halloween means the opening of a new theme called "the Scare" . This year, after an episode ended with Candy being locked in the park and her being scared out of her wits , a new ride has been erected and Candace is playing herself - Candy (the scared and screaming girl). However , somebody at the park is taking Halloween to a whole new level as the park staff and attendees end up being involved in accidents . Has somebody got a vengeance against the park owner John Hanson or has somebody gotten a bit too much into the Halloween spirit ? Read as Candace comes to the rescue once again and read as she also tries to juggle boyfriend problems , friendships and the daunting idea of COLLEGE and her FUTURE ?
All this and more fun in The Fall of Candy Corn.....


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