Review: Girl Missing -Tess Gerritsen

Are you a fan of the writings of Tess Gerritsen ? A Fan of her Rizzoli and Isles Series ?
Ever wondered what her first book was like , with today's review you can as recently reprinted is Tess Gerritsen's first romantic suspense Peggy Sue Got Murdered under a brand new title Girl Missing.

Girl Missing
Review: Girl Missing - Tess Gerritsen - December 2009
Ever wondered what your favourite author's first novel was like ? Some are great hits and others not so good , but it seems that their is a trend at the moment for authors to re-release their first novels. Jodi Picoult has her Songs of the Humpback Whale -unfortunately that was the only one of her books I could not get into , Harlan Coben re-released his novel Play Dead and now we have Tess Gerritsen and her book Girl Missing. Tess Gerritsen is most commonly famous for her mystery series Rizolli and Isles which feature a Cop - Jane Rizolli and a Medical Examiner Dr. Maura Isles , it was also televised into a television series of which I own Season One.  Before her hit series , Tess started out writing romantic suspense novels that bordered on Crime but not completely.
Girl Missing takes us into the life of ME Dr. Kat Novak , who within three days has three dead bodies lying in her morgue , each with a suspected Drug Overdose - the scary thing is that the drug is not familiar and it turns out to be a new trial connected with a huge Pharmacy Company called Cygnus run by Dr. Adam Quantrell. From the beginning, she finds Adam an rude and arrogant rich male and decides that he is hiding something. Growing up in the South Lexington Projects where the three murders have occurred , Kat heads there looking for answers but what she finds will put her number one suspect higher on her list - his step-daughter Maeve who disappeared is the girlfriend of the Man Jonah in the Projects. What is she hiding ? Does she know something about the release of the drug?
Soon Kat finds herself over her head as a number of warnings heads her way from stolen cars to bombing etc . It seems that this case goes deeper into scandal as Kat uravels some evidence from the Mayor and her ex-husband Ed Novak- the District Attorney.
As Kat tries to get to the bottom of this we see her relationship blossom from strictly a working one with Adam to a bit more friendly , but as she gets deeper and deeper - can she really give her heart and soul to trust him or will she be betrayed by him as she solves the case?
Find out in this awesome novel, which proves that Tess Gerritsen was always an amazing mystery/crime/romance suspense author and fans like me are glad she stuck around and continued writing.


  1. crazy I love Rizzoli and Isles I didn't know it was a book series! Also, I have heard great buzz on girl. missing


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