Review: Centuries of June - Keith Donohue

Are you wanting a good fantasy but almost realistic at the same time read ?
Centuries of June: A Novel
Review: Centuries of June - Keith Donohue - May 2011
Do you enjoy books like Alice in Wonderland , Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and The Ghosts of Christmas Past ? Reading Centuries of June by Keith Donohue , as a huge reader I tend to read books and they remind me of others and the above in their own different ways reminded me alot of Centuries of June. So in my review, I'm going to tell you how it reminded me of the following three books . Alice in Wonderland had Alice falling down a rabbit hole into an alternate universe and in order to get home , she had to follow a number of tasks . In Centuries of June , we see the main character fall down a hole into the floor and when he wakes up , he must listen to eight stories by Women who had been scorned in the month of June over a number of years before being able to be returned home. Scott Pilgrim Vs The World , is a movie that I loved but it was a graphic novel first - what happens is that Scott Pilgrim meets and falls in love with a girl but in order to go out with the girl she must fight her seven evil exes , Centuries of June reminded me a tad of this as the main character because of falling through the hole in his floor must now listen to the eight stories and in a way by listening to them , he is helping them and in order to return home he has to sit and listen or fight his way to listen to all the stories. The final book it reminded me was of is The Ghosts of Christmas Past or The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, Where Scrooge is visited by the ghosts of Christmas Past and they tell a story in the sense of past, present and future which in the end changes his whole entire viewpoint of not just christmas but of life as a movie buff , I was going to write The Ghosts of Girlfriend's past as the novel contained eight scorned women from different eras and times of American life.
The Centuries of June comes across as a bit of fantasy with the time travelling , a bit of Supernatural with the visiting of the ghosts yet it almost reads as a realist novel as the setting is quite contemporary.
What I thought was really funny, was that accompanying the book was a press release which I just read and it had an interview with the author Keith Donohue and it related his book to three stories Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll ,The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and Beloved by Toni Morrison and what struck me was that I thought it related it well to the first two stories as reading , I could see similarities but as I had not read Beloved , the book did not occur to me but now it will be one that I will add to my TBR Pile.


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