Sunday, July 10, 2011

Review: The Bum Magnet - KL Brady


Wanting a fun light-hearted Urban Chick Lit to read ?
The Bum Magnet
Review: The Bum Magnet - KL Brady- March 2011
Are you in the mood for an Urban Fiction Chick Lit novel ? I have to say when I first saw the cover , the lady on the front reminded me a bit of Queen Latifah , what's your thoughts ? I have to say out of all the black female actresses , Queen Latifah would be my all-time favourite.
Have you ever been one of those girls who have sat there and been alone on New Years Eve without somebody to kiss you when the clock chimes Midnight ? When you watched the film Bridget Jones Diary , did it cross your mind how much your life mirrors it ? If, so then you are in the same boat as Charisse Tyson. She has just hit the big 4-0 and has realised that her life in the love department is at a standstill and the only guys she has ever dated have turned out to be jerks , cheaters and liars. When Charisse , a real estate agent recieves a phone call from new client Dwayne Gibson , she accepts the job but what she didn't count on was the fact that he was single and yummy. Soon the two of them hit it off and they begin dating till she overhears a phone message on his answerphone - a woman saying "she's pregnant". Upset, Charisse goes out to have fun and soon she finds herself on a mission to find "The One". However, as the time goes on we discover that maybe "The One" isn't all it is cracked up to be and sometimes in the background we just have to squint a little harder as "the one" may be in disguise.
Will Charisse find her "One" or will she continue to bounce her 40's trying to discover true love ?
Find out in K.L Brady's hit chicklit novel "The Bum Magnet".

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