Review: Advent of a Mystery - Marilyn Leach

Wanting a Mid-winter Christmas read with a hint of mystery to it ?

Review: Advent of a Mystery- Hometown Mysteries Series-Marilyn Leach- September 2010
Isn't it interesting how Newspaper investigative reporters in smalltowns always end up the ones solving the crimes and not the police ? Reading my fairshare of Christian and non-christian fiction , Ive come to the conclusion that if you are a newspaper reporter or somebody with amateur detective skills , you tend to end up solving the crime before the Police does.
In Advent of a Mystery, the novel starts with a father dying and passing onto his son , that he has to go and get them before he is next , which indicates some dirty going-ons , the story then flips to a peaceful town or so we thought at Christmas time with carolers , parties and peace and joy. Meet Berdie Elliot , former Investigative reporter and now the new wife of the local Reverand. Switching shoes to become a reverand's wife in a quaint village seemed like a nice relaxing long holiday from her busy life as a reporter, but you know what they say- once a reporter or well once you have been stuck in one particular way for a long time it's hard to break habits.
Upon visiting, Berdie and her best friend Lillie find one of the town's residents Miss Miriam dead and it doesn't look like it was of natural causes. Stepping back into her Investigative shoes , Berdie with the aid of Lillie set forth to discover who killed Miriam . It seems that all the evidence points to a young man named Jamie , but Berdie knows he's innocent - can she discover not only who is trying to frame him but why and before anyone else in the small community turns up dead .
Read as Berdie races against the clock to solve the Murder of Miriam as if she doesn't in time , the town may be celebrating a bleak Christmas .
The story is written in the tradition of being a light-hearted mystery along the lines as popular mystery author Agatha Christie. It also reminded me of the Aurora TeaGarden Mysteries by Charlaine Harris.


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