Review - Eden - Michelle Haley

Wanting a new author to discover ? Are you making your way through Angel Novels ?

Review: Eden - The Keeper Chronicles -Book #1 -Michelle Haley - April 2011
Are you in the mood for an Angelic read ? Wanting to step away from the Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies Oh My ? Well , look no further as you step into the garden of Eden with Michelle Haley's new Book "Eden" . Meet Arianna , when she was five years old -her whole life as she had known it was destroyed as her parents were killed in a car crash. Knowing no-one she was all alone , her saviour came in the form of a neighbour - a young boy the same age as her named Gabriel. Fast forward to Graduation, Gabriel and Arianna are about to graduate and the pair of them are inseparable. One day, Arianna gets the shock of her life as an Aunt she did not know she had named Ava has appeared and has everything that Arianna ever needs. It seems that when Arianna's parents died , they took a secret to the grave- a secret that has been passed onto Arianna - she is in fact an Archangel - Good or Bad you decide. Whisked away to the paranormal world of Eden , Arianna starts to continue more and more to dream of a guy named Julian . We then read as Arianna is forced to decide which guy to be with Julian - the new hunk in her life or her soulmate and best friend in the world Gabriel ?
A novel in parts that will have you loving it , but also in areas will have you starting to scream at Arianna - make up your mind already LOL :). Other than that, if Angel reads are your thing and Paranormal Romance and Suspense is up your alley then Eden is your number #1 read.


  1. I agree with you about Eden! It is an awesome book that once you start reading it, you can't put it down! The ending will keep you guessing, and make you crave the next 2 in the series. Hurry up Michelle!

  2. when will the next book be released? what will it be called?


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