Sunday, June 19, 2011

Review: Save the Date - Jenny B. Jones

Wanting a lovely light-hearted Christian fiction novel to cheer up your day ? A novel that makes you go awhhh :)

Save the Date
Review: Save the Date - Jenny B. Jones - February 2011
Looking for the perfect Christian Chick Lit Novel ? Wanting to discover a new author to read ? Well, look no further as I bring you the perfect read "Save the Date" by Jenny B. Jones , now this book reminded me a bit of the Karen Kingsbury book "Between Sundays" and Kristin Billerbeck's novel "A Billion Reasons Why". In Save the Date, we meet Lucy Wiltshire - a woman with a mission , for the past two years she has spent all her time and effort into creating a home for homeless girls called Saving Grace. However it seems that the dream may be coming to a close as her funding has been cut and if she doesn't find the cash as soon as possible , then Saving Grace is down the loo and the girls are back on the streets. Enter in Alex Sinclair , he is wealthy and an ex-football player and has a reputation with the ladies - he is also running for Congressman. As the novel gets on , we see that both Lucy and Alex need something and that special something is what each of them can give each other. The two of them concot a plan, to pretend to get married for publicity reasons and we all know how this turns out with Lucy and Alex slowly falling in actual love with each other. This would have been perfect, but Lucy and Alex have other things on their plates - Lucy has discovered the truth about her father and grandparents and her ex has just also asked her to marry him whereas Alex's twin brother Will has disappeared and the more days that pass by, Alex is becoming estranged from his family .
Are we to Save the Date for a Wedding of the Century or will it turn out to be a Disaster of a century when things start to get a little out of hand ?
Find out in Save the Date by Jenny B. Jones

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