Monday, June 13, 2011

Review: Alexis and The Arizona Escapade - Erica Rodgers

Looking for a great series to start your daughters on ?

Alexis and the Arizona Escapade (Camp Club Girls)
Review: Alexis and the Arizona Escapade - Erica Rodgers - September 2010
The old nursery rhyme "London Bridge is falling down, falling down" comes to mind when you turn the pages of the latest Camp Club Girls to be reviewed on The Phantom Paragrapher. In Alexis and the Arizona Escapade , we travel and meet up with Alexis and her grandmother Molly and Alexis friend - fellow Camp Club Girl - Elizabeth. Follow the girls to Arizona ,where they have the London Bridge exhibition where they have transported the former London Bridge to the middle of the Arizona desert.  Alexis grandmother Molly is one of the visting speakers and is doing a talk on the history of the London Bridge. During one of their tours , the girls get on the bad side of the Deputy and find themselves in trouble - during this time , they hear that the London Bridge is indeed falling down.  Others think it is bad structuring whilst some speak of a curse , is this the mystery that the girls have been looking to solve. Top of their suspect list is the fellow visiting professor, what is he up to as we discover his plans to steal the Golden Carriage , is it related to the London Bridge collapse ?
Find out as the girls also get assistance from their friends back home via IM and Textes. Can Alexis and Elizabeth solve the mystery of London Bridge before they find themselves over their heads in trouble with the Deputy and more....
Find out in "Alexis and the Arizona Escapade".

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