VBT# Cruelty to Innocents - CK Webb and DJ Weaver

One thing that I always try and do on my blog is to participate in Virtual Book Tours and help promote new titles that we may otherwise be unaware of :)
Today's VBT# is CK Webb and DJ Weaver and their book "Cruelty to Innocents" it is part of a series called "911 Abduction".

Reader's Competition :
If you are interested in getting your hands on your very own copy of Cruelty to Innocents we have an ebook version up for grabs , just leave your name and email address in the comments field of this post.

Cruelty to Innocents (911 Abduction Series)
Review: Cruelty to Innocents - CK Webb and DJ Weaver - Book #1 911 Abduction Series - May 2011
Are you a fan of the mystery and suspense novels ? Love reading up about Serial Killers and then those detectives and family members that solve the crimes ? If so, then Cruelty to Innocents is just the book for you as our novel starts with solo mother Chloe and her daughter Danni , they are shopping in the supermarket , just like any usual mother and daughter bonding and all of a sudden , an elderly man has a heart attack. Chloe, as a registered nurse starts administrating CPR and as she turns around she discovers her daughter Danni is nowhere to be found.
As we are about to discover, in Cruelty to Innocents that's all it takes -one split second when your not watching to have your child kidnapped. The novel then takes the turn of telling two sides of the story, Chloe and her best friend Sloane's search for Danni and Danni's view of her kidnapper and whats happening whilst she has been abducted. If , you are not one for tales of children being hurt in abduction situations, then this is not the novel for you as we soon discover that life for Danni may be over . We soon discover that two -four more girls have been kidnapped ? How long will it take the town of Aberdeen to find the kidnapper before any more children become photos on a missing childrens board and what will the small town's reaction be when they find the kidnapper is one of their own and a respected citizen at that?
Find out more and remember to enter to Win your own Copy of "Cruelty to Innocents".

About The Authors:
CK Webb
CK Webb was born and raised in Mississippi, and dreamed of writing like the greats; Emily Bronte, Edgar Allen Poe, and Stephen King, to name a few. CK joined the US Navy and traveled the world, but eventually returned to settle down in the tiny town of Millport, Alabama. A self-proclaimed ‘reformed bad girl’, this thirty-something writer now shares her life with her husband and two beautiful children. CK also enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and book club. Although CK delights in preying on the fears of others and enjoys killing people…thankfully she does it the legal way; in her novels. She has just completed the first two novels in the 'Innocents' series which she co-wrote with her best-friend and mother, DJ Weaver. CK writes in a variety of other genres and also writes articles and book reviews for Suspense Magazine.

DJ Weaver:
DJ Weaver originally hails from Pascagoula Mississippi, but relocated to north Mississippi in 1980. She took courses at Mississippi University for Woman and Mississippi State University, studying paralegalism and Human Resources Management and has worked in the clerical field for twenty-five years. DJ, along with her daughter and best friend, CK Webb, recently completed the first two in the three-novel Innocents series. She also writes in a variety of other genres.
When she isn‘t writing, DJ develops and maintains WebbWeaver Review blog, where she reviews books and interviews published authors regularly. She serves as co-chairwoman of WebbWeaver Book Club and also writes book reviews for Suspense Magazine.DJ is a 50-something year old mother and grandmother who now works part-time and makes her home in Millport Alabama.


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