Review: Vampire School : Casketball Capers

Is your child into Vampires but Twilight a bit too old for them ?

Vampire School: Casketball Capers (Book 1)
Review: Vampire School - Casketball Capers - Book #1- Peter Bently , Chris Harrison - July 2011
Is your son or daughter into Vampires ? Too young for Twilight , Vampire Diaries or Vampire Academy ? Here's the perfect childrens chapter book , Vampire School tells the story of Lee the Vampire and about his Vampire School that he belongs too . It's an exciting night as they are learning how to turn into Bats and fly. During a game of Hide and Seek , Lee flies into the old church bells and meets Boris - an actual Bat, the two of them become good friends. The next part of the story is a game of Casketball between Vampires and Werewolves, the Werewolves decide to cheat and we read as Boris saves the day as he's not actually a Vampire and theres no rules about outsiders not helping :).
A fun series that I think would interest more boys than girls.


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