Saturday, June 18, 2011

Review: Young and In Love - Ted Cunningham

We are living in a world , where young people are having babies and getting married , is it too young or just right ? Read the Christian Viewpoint ........

Young and in Love: Challenging the Unnecessary Delay of Marriage
Review: Young and In Love- Ted Cunnigham - June 2011
Have you met the "one" but have yet to experience the joys of college/university, travelling and finding yourself ? Have you seeked the advice of others and been told - "oh, your far too young to think about getting married or you have your whole life ahead of you to get married "?
Well, push all those beliefs and talk aside as I bring you a Christian's perspective that says "If your Young and in love and both believe in God and have a strong relationship, then why wait -go get married young and have fun". Author Ted Cunningham is what is known as a pro-marriage Pastor , he believes that we have been decieved into thinking that waiting and abstaining of marriage is the way to go, but if it feels right then challenge the unnessecary delay and go get hitched.The book discusses , God's view on getting married and discusses the nessecary delays and of course the unnessecary delays of getting married. Each chapter contains biblical references e.g Bible Verses including one's from what is called The Love Book of the Bible - Songs of Solomon and at the end of each chapter it contains a list of reflection and journalling questions for you and your partner to think about.
If you are Young, and in Love and belong to a church and is considering the next step of becoming husband and wife, my parting advice would be to seriously consider reading first this book together and if you agree with what is written , then go ahead and plan that White wedding of yours and have a bucket load of fun.

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