Top Ten Book Place Settings

Today's Top Ten Tuesday is Your Top Ten Book Place Settings , which kinds of reminds me of the book blogger Hop question the other day.
So Here's my Top Ten :)

  1. Mystic Falls - I would love to live in Mystic Falls -just that nice small community feel and the fact there are Vampires lol
  2. Sweet Valley High - From the Sweet Valley High Books by Francine Pascal -
  3. Stars Hollow Book Shop and Mrs Kim's Antique Shop  - Technically this is a show but they did make books from the Gilmore Girls Shows
  4. Europe - Anything European , I am in love with their history and culture and eventually want to travel around Europe
  5. Outback Australia - Just something about being in the Outback I love Novels about it.
  6. Three Sisters Islands - I fell in love with the Bookshop/Cafe in the novel series by Nora Roberts.
  7. Forks High - I want to attend school with Bella , Edward etc from The twilight Saga
  8. Jane Austen's Era - I love all those historical novels and their settings from the Ballroom Dances to the big Wonderful Castles and Manors. Think Pemeberley Hall :)
  9. Upper East Side of NYC - I want to live on the Upper East Side, attend fancy do's and Deb Balls , be part of the Blue blood Society.
  10. New York Shops - I would love to see the inside of Tiffany's , Macy's , Harrolds , Barnes and Nobles and all those small quaint American bookshops :)


  1. Love your list - many of my faves are these as well! Although I think to grow up in Sweet Valley would intimidate the heck out of me! I'm not cut out for boyfriends dying and the drama that went on there!

  2. Yours is the first TTT to mention Australia! What are we TTTers thinking?! How could we forget Australia?

    Here's my list of Top Ten Settings in Books. I hope you will stop by and visit!

  3. Australia is a great setting. I especially grew to love it in The Thorn Birds. I'd also like to visit New York.

  4. Love your list. I never even thought of Sweet Valley! Love those books :)

    Here's my Top Ten:

  5. Hah! I had Stars Hollow on my list, too! I freaking love Gilmore Girls. Great list :)

    Here's my list this week :)

  6. Fun list--I wish I'd thought of Australia 'cause I'm listening to Bill Bryson's audio of his Australia book currently on my commute. Can't believe I didn't think of it!

  7. Love Stars Hollow, New York, anywhere in Europe, and Jane Austen's time period! Great list.

  8. I have been to two American cities and loved the bookshops in both. They show how independent book shops should be done. We have lost track of that.

    I agree, the Australian outback would make a fantastic setting although I don't think I have read any books from there.

  9. Oh, Mystic Falls and Forks, how I love thee. Call me crazy, but I'd love to go to Morganville too haha. <3

  10. OMG. I completely forgot about Mystic Falls. The place where Damon Salvatore (or Ian Somerhalder) resides. HOW COULD I FORGET. Not possible. Darn! Love the Vampire Diaries, like you.

    Great choices! And thanks for stopping by the blog earlier!

    Asher K.

  11. @Elizabeth - I'd accompany you to Morganville and on the way we can also stop at Bon Temp :)


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