Review: Promise of Forever Love - Vanessa Miller

Wanting an Urban Christian novel filled with love , drama and suspense ?

Promise Of Forever Love (2nd Chance V3) (Second Chance at Love)
Review: Promise of Forever Love - Book #3 Second Chance at Love Series- Vanessa Miller - April 2011
Love and Second Chances , when your one true love ends -alot of us think that that's it and that we may never find anybody who can hold a candle to our hearts like the one we married. In some cases , we can't but we can find somebody who may measure up to it. For Yvonne , when her husband David died from Cancer , her whole world came crashing down as the church that they co-pastored together for the previous twenty years started to slowly fade and fade till their congregation only contained a few. Coming up for Elections , Yvonne is stuck with the decision that she may very well have to resign from being pastor of the church - yet to her that is the ultimate betrayal as this was one of the last remainding things that her and David had done together. Enter in Thomas , he is a wealthy millionaire and David's best friend - now both widowed Thomas will do anything to help Yvonne even if it means joining in as co-pastor and saving the church from debt to the total of $300,000. It seems though, that not everybody is happy about this decision as we discover the Deacon Brown is in cahoots with Marvel who wants to buy the land that the church is on and will do anything in his power to make that happen. If this wasn't enough drama for Yvonne to cope with , her youngest daughter Tia is pregnant and unwed and the father of the baby is not that much of a guy and her other daughter Toya has been dating Marvel , and of course ontop of all this Yvonne is starting to develop feelings for Thomas. Is she ready to move on from David. Find out in A Promise of Forever Love , where when it all boils down to it - Love is what keeps us sane and strong and we all know that with God "All things are possible".


  1. I'll bet this one is so good. Thanx for the review.


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