Review: Holidays Bite - J. Rose Allister - R18 Read

Wanting a sexy Vampire read ?

Holidays Bite (Siren Publishing Classic)
Review: Holidays Bite - J. Rose Allister - January 2011
Wanting a Vampire read ? Something to warm those bodies up on the Cold Christmas day ? Meet Stephanie Mars and because of the Mars part as I was reading it , I couldn't get the character Veronica Mars (one of my fav TV Shows) out of my head. Stephanie and her sister and Pops have been coming up to a cabin in Yeltin Creek for as long as they can remember every Christmas. However , this is the first Christmas since her father died and her sister Marnie isn't at all keen to go roughing it over Christmas, so Stephanie decides to go alone. As she does, she ends up in an accident and is rescued by the hot hunk Thomas Yeltin , who just so happens to be a Vampire who was turned in 1897. We read as Stephanie seems like a klutz and the countless times Thomas saves her , this part reminded me of the Bella/Edward situation in the Twilight Saga. Of course, whats an r18 novel without some sexual scenes ,so be prepared for some mind-blowing mortal/vampire sex scenes.
Read as we see what path Stephanie chooses at the end of her holiday - to go back to her life or stay with Thomas ?
Find out in Holidays Bite :)


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