Wednesday, June 22, 2011

VBT# The Hypnotist - MJ Rose

Today's VBT# guest is an author that I am familiar with and her books are actually in the library in New Zealand where I work - I bring you author MJ Rose and her latest novel "The Hypnotist".

The Hypnotist (The Reincarnationist)
Review: The Hypnotist- The Reincarnationist Series Book #3 - MJ Rose - April 2011
Are you a fan of MJ Rose's Books ? Have you read The Reincarnationist and The Memorist , the first two books in the series?
As a fan of the previous two novels, when I heard that a third was released , I thought I just have to read it and I am glad I did , it was like her others filled with theories, suspense and action and for me personally as I have a huge fondness of art - I enjoyed The Hypnotist as it features stolen art division. I found that the first two novels in the series could be read as a stand-alone but reading The Hypnotist , I think in order to understand the tale a bit more , it will pay to have read the others otherwise you may be sitting there going huh , I'm confused :).
In The Hypnotist, Special Agent Lucian is back and he is continuing on his search to find the list of Memory Tools that Malachi wants and covets so badly. Along the journey, we read as we discover that somebody else is breaking into the art galleries and slashing to bits famous and irreplaceable paintings and will continue to do so until he gets his hands on the latest installment to the art gallery - the Greek Statue of Hypnos (hence the word Hypnotist) which is said that whoever owns it will have paranormal and supernatural powers. The novel also contains a series of flashbacks to Lucian's first love and her death Solange as we discover that Solange's niece shares an uncanny resemblance. Read as we wonder whether Lucian's flashbacks will get in the way of solving the crime and will he become the next victim ?
Find out in "The Hypnotist" by MJ Rose and a funny fact that I just read and have only put two and two together was that a friend was telling me about this awesome new TV show called Past Life that's playing in America , and Ive just clicked that of course I will enjoy it as it's based on MJ Rose's books :).

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