Review: So Shelly - Ty Roth

Are you a fan of the classic writers , not Austen or Bronte but of Shelly , Keats and Byron ?

So Shelly
Review: So Shelly - Ty Roth - February 2011
Are you a fan of the writers Mary Shelly - author of the book "Frankenstein" , John Keats and Lord Byron ? If so ever wondered what they might be like in the 21st Century as teenagers ? In Ty Roth's book So Shelly it takes us into the world of three teens - Shelly , Gordon and Keats , they are friends with one connection Shelly. The novel starts at the funeral wake of Shelly who has drowned during a sailing accident or was it as we discover she had everything for her afterlife prepared from funeral arrangements, music and viewing material. It is the day of her wake and friends Gordon and Keats decide to obey Shelly's wishes and spread her ashes across the lake where the accident happened. What continues is during the car journey we learn about both Gordon's and Keats lives and how they meet Shelly and the wonders that she worked in both their lives which eventually brought them together as friends.
This novel has a play on the romantic poets and storytellers and throughout the novel , you will spot references to their persona's from Gordon's masculinity and sexual appettite which is familiar to Lord Byron as well as Gordon becoming the Byronic Hero. We see Keats as quiet yet poetic and yearning to be accepted and Shelly ever so calculating and a huge dreamer with her favourite game of "What If ????? ".
A teen book that all who love the English wordsmiths will enjoy.


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