Review: Blood on my Hands - Todd Strasser

Looking for a suspense filled teen read ?

Review: Blood On my Hands - The Thrillogy Book #2 -Todd Strasser- 2011
Wanting a novel that keeps you in suspense as we try and discover who the killer is and why the number #1 suspect is being framed ?
Blood on my hands , in many ways reminded me of plots that I have read a thousand times ( due to being such a huge reader) -though this is not to say I don't enjoy the plot in other novels . The rich, popular girl -the one everyone wants to be like is found murdered . The new girl in the group , the one with a dodgy past finds her and ends up being the number #1 suspect of murder. It soon all comes out though, that the girls acted that they really liked the popular girl but in fact -none of them liked her, they actually all hated her, so soon they all become suspects in the murder. It's a race for Callie's life as she finds out who is framing her and why ? The writer puts the emphasis on Callie and her family , which I enjoyed as Callie's older brother is in prison for trying to murder their father who is now basically a vegetable with brain damage and paralysed from the waist down. Todd Strasser, to keep up with the fact that we are coming from an era which is all digital age places throughout the novel email transcripts , facebook notes , IM's and Txt's . Blood on your hands will keep you guessing till the end as we discover, that the murder of Katherine Day-Remington was a two person job and I did guess one of the two but the second person , I would never had guessed as a killer.
After reading both "Wish You Were Dead" and "Blood on Your Hands", Im looking forward to seeing what Todd Strasser will come up with next.


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