Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review: Stork - Wendy Delsol

Wanting a great Teen read with lots of twists and turns and a totally awesome cover tdf ?

Review: Stork - Wendy Delsol - October 2010
The above picture doesn't actually do the cover justice , as this would have to have been one of the most amaing covers I have seen in a long time from the colour scheme of baby blues and whites and the contrast of her white Icelandic hair to the background. This was one of those books that in way the ol' judging a book by it's cover turned out to be a good thing as the book itself ended up being just like it's cover as a really good read.
In the "Stork" we meet Katla who has moved to Minnesota with her mum and her soon-to be new dad Stanley , it seems that it was the town where her mother grew up . Katla can't remember it that well . The town is known for their strong links to their Icelandic and Norse roots. As Katla arrives she starts to experience some odd things from strange rashes to dreams and hearing things. When Katla arrives she meets Hulda - an old lady and a member of a secret society called "The Storks". It seems that Katla is the newest one to be initiated , however as memories that were locked away about this small town come flooding back including a boy known as Jack Snow , it seems that somebody or something doesn't want Katla to remember and will stop at nothing to stop her memory from returning.
A great novel that I recommend everyone to read and the story shares some familiar plot with the Snow Queen and Jack Frost tales.

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