Review: Spirit Intervention - Margaret West


Wanting an adult paranormal romance novel filled with fun twists and interfering ghosts?

Spirit Intervention
Review: Spirit Intervention - Margaret West - January 2011
Wanting a novel that is filled with romance , mixed messages and interfering ghosts ? For Sally , all her life she has been different - she has been able to hear ghosts and ever since her mother died , she hasn't been able to get rid of her - her mother's ghost is a constant visitor in her life . Gawd, I hate to have my parents as nagging ghosts in my life LOL. When Sally decides that she doesn't want to be single anymore , she decides to turn to the latest craze- Internet Dating and while she is at -lie on her application. Enter Emilio - Sally's new Italian boss , he is instantly attracted to Sally but the two of them haven't gotten off on the right foot as Sally can't find anyone more rude and arrogant and selfish. When Emilio reads Sally's application, he decides to impress her by what she has written. Will it backfire when the truth is revealed ?
Emilio also has a gift , he can also hear ghosts . Are these two meant to be together and when they can't get together on their own - It;s time to call back-up death style and organise a Spirit Intervention for the two of them.
A fun light-hearted ghost novel that everyone will enjoy and I absolutely love the cover artwork. :)


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