Review: This Girl is Different - JJ Johnson

Looking for a teen novel that is about firsts and what happens when you stand for something ?

This Girl Is Different
Review: This Girl is Different - JJ Johnson- April 2011
Have you watched the movie Mean Girls or those teen movies where a new girl starts at school and it's her first proper school as she has been homeschooled all her life ? Well, this book is one of those in a way. Meet Evie, she has been homeschooled all her life and finally she has talked her mum Martha into letting her attend regular school , as Evie decides that she better have the experience before heading off to college -so she heads off to the local school for Senior year. Evie though who has always been different , is about to discover that in high school -you are all different . We read as Evie who is pro-environment starts to take a stand for what she believes in only to be riducled as a hippie freak . This Girl is different is a teen novel about really discovering yourself and that there are so many firsts that one can have happen and for Evie, unlike regualr schooled kids , she is about to get bombarded with them from first friendships to love to trouble with teachers etc.
Can Evie find herself in the sea of high school or will she end up regretting the decision to attend ?
Find out in this coming of age teen novel "This girl is different".


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