Review: Treasures at the Museum - Deborra Richardson

Did your children love the movie Night at the Museum ? Check out this new JFIC chapter book "Treasures at the Museum"

Review: Treasures at the Museum - Deborra Richardson - September 2011
Going to visit the museum for Robbie sounded BORING until his Aunty Imani told them all about the archives they were seeing that day which their Aunty Maxi worked on . As we soon discover Robbie has a box of his archives which contains old school stuff , I liked this as Im a bit like that too , I have a collection of old certificates, reports etc. Along the way to the Museum, the children pass some amazing statues, monuments and other buildings, that's one thing that annoys me in New Zealand is that we haven't got any big gardens, momuments and only a couple of museums . Along their way to finding Aunty Maxie, they stop at all the different exhibitions from TV's to Computers and discover the numerous treasures at the Museum . This is a great read that I guarantee all parents should read or have their child read it before visiting a museum as it may just make it that tad bit more exciting. The other part of this book that I enjoyed was when they finally found their Aunty Maxie, she discussed all about archiving in layman's terms for children to understand.
Now for the Fun part, included in this book is a collection of Activities , a little bit about the Smithsonian Museum - this is the museum that is featured in the movie Night at the Museum No#2 featuring Ben Stiller and Amy Adams and a little glossary for those big words in the book .


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