We're headed for a Zombie Apocalypse

We’re headed For a Zombie Apocalypse:

It seems that lately everyone has been saying that Vampires are slowly on their way out and coming fast in their place is get ready for it “drum roll” Zombies . Yes, you heard right, the Z word.

When you think of Zombies, unlike Vampires they don’t really scream out the words “hot, sexy, delicious, immortal love, gentleman”. Zombies are slow, slightly discoloured, brain-eating hunks of bodies and they are stiff – think Frankenstein. However, it does seem that the world of Zombies is making a breakthrough into our books and in some of them – being a Zombie isn’t half-bad.

Daniel Waters brought out the series of Generation Dead, where students who died young were being brought back to life and then integrated back into the schooling system. The Generation Dead series started with Tommy – a Zombie and Phoebe – a gothic who fall in love and remember though in this book the word Zombie isn’t PC “politically correct” we shall call them “the living impaired”. The next three novels that follow include one where Phoebe’s best friend Adam becomes a Zombie and soon Phoebe has to choose between Tommy and Adam.

The next romantic Zombie novel for teens takes a leaf out of singer Katy Perry’s song “I Kissed a Girl and I liked it” and turned his title to “I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked It”. Author Adam Selzer, tells the story of a girl who had always made the commitment that she was never ever going to fall in love with a Zombie as they were like “ewh” and eventually we see the lead character choosing between a Vampire or a Zombie and guess what she choose to date – The Zombie.

Now with the flipside of Good Zombies and Bad Zombies, there are bound to be Books where the Zombies aren’t good people, they aren’t the race that you want to date but in fact they are scary and want to eat your brains.

We have Lili St. Crow’s series “Dru Anderson” where Dru’s father starts out as a supernatural hunter and eventually ends up being bitten by Zombies and we see him develop as a Zombie and try and eat his daughter. The series then follows Dru as she sets out to continue the work her father started and taught her.

We have for those wanting a bit of fun, a new anthology for teens titled “Zombies Versus Unicorns” edited by teen author Holly Black. It’s a chance to see who will win and which side you are rooting for – will it be Team Zombie or Team Unicorn?
For those older readers, we have a new series by Jesse Peterson titled Married with Zombies – sounds a bit like the old TV Show “Married with Children” in which the starred couple decide to go to Marriage counselling, only to discover one session that their counsellor and those around them are turning into Zombies and now they must work together not only to save their marriage but also to save themselves from becoming Zombies.

So readers, are you prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse? Stay Tuned and readers; feel free to share your thoughts on what may very well be the next phase of literature.


  1. Great post!

    I also enjoyed the forest of hands and teeth series by Carrie Ryan.

    I'm a bit fed up of Vampires and werewolves anyway so I'm looking forward to reading more about Zombies :)

  2. I loved Zombies VS Unicorns! Such good books!

    XOXO Angela's Anxious Life

  3. @Jules - I forgot about Carrie Ryan's series as Ive enjoyed the first two books :)


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